StribeIN FAQ

What is StribeIN?

StribeIN is a ‘Student Knowledge & Social Network’ that enables you to connect with other students around the subjects you are taking, college / university you are attending and the degree you are pursuing.

Future Success - Is About Who You Know & Who Knows You! StribeIN offers the networking opportunity early on in life to give you that head start. Develop your high net worth network during your college days.

Is StribeIN free to join

Yes. StribeIN is 100% free.

Why should I join StribeIN ? What’s in it for me ?

If you don't connect with other likeminded students then you will be left out of important events and conversations? Conversations that help you enhance your knowledge and increase your grades. Don't be left out as other students connect and network to enhance their knowledge. Be in the know! The more you know the better your chances of success in life.

Go ahead and start building your network and brand yourself as an academic star.

Within one app you can network around different dimensions....

Subject Network

You can network and share with other students around the world who are taking the same subjects as you are. Example - Are you taking Math this semester then connect with other students around the world that are taking Math the same time you are.

College / University Network

You can network with other students attending the same college / university you are. Example - Attending University of NY? Connect, converse and attend events related to your university. Get to know more students within your college / university.

Degree / Academic Network

You can network with other students around the world pursuing the same degree as you are. Example - If you are pursuing a degree in Psychology, then you can connect with other students around the world that are pursuing Psychology the same time as you are.

What can I share with other students on StribeIN ?

You can share tips, tricks, how to videos, term papers, exchange information and much more. StribeIN provides high net worth knowledge contributed by students helping each other.

What platforms is StribeIN available in ?